Maintaining your Battery during the Winter

So far this winter has been a cold one…have you been properly maintaining your batteries that are in storage? If you haven’t you will be purchasing a new one come spring!

If you haven’t already, here is the proper way to maintain your batteries during winter:

  1. Disconnect Unused Battery
  2. Keep ‘Em Clean & Dry
  3. Recharge Battery Once Every Month

If you’re having your battery sit for a long period of time (during the winter season) it’s best policy to disconnect them; this is because some vehicles and boats use a little bit of power, even when they are turned off. 

Be sure to keep your batteries dry and clean; if they are damp or dirty, corrosion may occur, which is one of biggest battery killers! You can clean your battery with a combination of baking soda and water. You will rinse it with clear water, and dry it with a towel.

An unused battery will “run out of juice” faster than a used battery, which is why it’s important to charge your battery at least once per month. Please be sure to use a charger that is made specifically for your battery brand; if you need help, we can help you select the right charger.

For more information about maintaining batteries that are in storage, please feel free to give Batteries Unlimited a call at (508) 752-8777. If you need any help finding new batteries for your boats and summer vehicles, please feel free to stop by our store in Worcester MA!

How Does Temperature Effect Batteries

The batteries capacity and effectiveness will go down when the temperature gets colder, and go up when the weather is warmer; this is why, on a cold morning, your car won’t start, even though it was working fine the previous day. commercial

If you have a boat or a motorcycle in storage, you should know that charging will change along with the weather; so if you’re storing a vehicle or a boat in the cold, you should compensate for temperature when you’re charging.

For more information about how temperature, particularly the cold, please call Batteries Unlimited at (508) 752-8777.