Keep Your Summer Rides Smooth with a New Motorcycle Battery

Warm weather in Worcester means motorcycle riding season. And riding weather is in full swing– sun, great temperatures, and the perfect breeze. So don’t get stuck push-starting your motorcycle after every fill-up: get a reliable motorcycle battery.

Whether you’re riding a Harley or a BMW, a cruiser or a sportbike, Batteries Unlimited has a battery for your bike. We stock all of the respected battery brands, and our expert technicians can walk you through selecting the right battery for your motorcycle and budget. And we can tell you how best to maintain your motorcycle battery, to maximize its life and value.

Come see us at our store, located at 1000 Grafton Street in Worcester, MA. You can also call us at (508) 752-8777, or get in touch via email: You can also just fill out the contact form over in the sidebar! Nice and easy.

Riding a motorcycle through the northeast is one of the greatest experiences you can have on the road… or off! Don’t let it get interrupted: invest in a reliable motorcycle battery.