Boat Batteries for Summer 2015

We know it doesn’t seem like it, but summer is just around the corner; are you prepared? Meaning, are all your summer toys ready to go? How’s your boat battery holding up? Before summer starts, it may be a good idea to check the functionality of your boat’s battery, just in case! This has been a long and cold winter, if your battery wasn’t stored properly it may have died!! 2009 Sea-Doo RXT iS 255

If you do find that your old boat battery has die, Batteries Unlimited is here to come to your rescue; our boat batteries are heavyweight and durable, so you know they are the real deal!

Starting Batteries:

These batteries are intertwined with stainless steel and they are corrosion resistant. They also require low maintenance on your part, which means just periodic evaluations and checkups during the off season.marine battery

Deep Cycle Batteries: 

These batteries are built tough, and with thick connectors provides premium and reliable performances regularly. Also, because these batteries have Post-Wrap separators they prevent failures due to short-circuiting.

For more information about our boat batteries, please feel free to give Batteries Unlimited a call at (508) 752-8777.

Boat Batteries

Summer is here, time to get those boats back out on the lake or ocean! Your boat has been sitting idle for sometime now, your boat’s battery might not be working as well as it should!

Don’t procrastinate in checking the strength of your battery; it won’t be a fun emarinexperience if you’ve gathered up all the kids for a fun boat ride, only to find the boat won’t start. Avoid the tears, and get your battery tested today!

We can help determine if you need a new battery or not; if we find that you do need a new battery, one of our very experienced technicians will help you find the right battery for your boat model!

Our store is located in Worcester MA, and we are open six days a week, giving you plenty of time to replace that old boat battery of yours!

Again, test the durability of your battery now, before you load up your kids and family onto the boat, and their hopes up for fun ride. Avoid disappointment and give Batteries Unlimited a call at (508) 752-8777.

What are the Different Types of Boat Batteries

We know it’s winter, but you can never be too prepared for summer! If you need a new battery for your boat, now is the time to buy one! What many people don’t understand, is that there are a number of different boat batteries to choose from.

Here, we will help explain some of the different types of batteries; think of this as sort of a marine boat battery guide!

There are two types of basic batteries: cranking batteries, and deep-cycle batteries.

Cranking Batteries: Cranking batteries, also known as starting batteries, require a lot of power to get started. They are made with thinner, more numerous lead plates, which will help the batter replenish quicker when the engine is running.

Deep-Cycle Batteries: These marine batteries are used to power electrical accessories like fish finders, radios, and trolling motors. These batteries usually aren’t recharged until the end of the day. Deep-cycle batteries have fewer thicker lead plates than cranking batteries to help withstand deep discharges.

When you’re thinking about buying a boat battery, just know that you can’t substitute one for the other; if you started with a deep-cycle battery, you stick with it, and vice versa. For example, if you choose to go with a cranking battery for a trolling motor, sooner or later the battery will overheat and die, leaving you without power, and requiring you to buy a new battery!

Here at Batteries Unlimited, our technicians have a wealth of knowledge on all types of marine batteries. If you’re in need of a boat battery, please give us a call at (508) 752-8777, or stop by our store, we’re located at 1000 Grafton Street, Worcester MA.