What Causes Batteries to Fail Prematurely?

When batteries are not properly maintained, they can die, no matter how recently you purchased one; so it is important to properly maintain your batteries, in order to get your money’s worth!

Here are some of the reasons for why batteries die prematurely:

  • Deep discharges, which occurs when you leave the battery running over night; ex: when you leave the lights on in your car. 
  • Using the wrong sized battery
  • Overcharging, or under-hood heat, which causes loss of electrolytes.
  • Not charging your batter enough
  • Corrosion, which is caused by dirty, dusty and wet batteries
  • Going six months or longer without charging your battery.

It’s important to properly maintain your battery, especially when it’s in storage! The last thing you want is for your battery to die at the wrong place at the wrong time!

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How Does Temperature Effect Batteries

The batteries capacity and effectiveness will go down when the temperature gets colder, and go up when the weather is warmer; this is why, on a cold morning, your car won’t start, even though it was working fine the previous day. commercial

If you have a boat or a motorcycle in storage, you should know that charging will change along with the weather; so if you’re storing a vehicle or a boat in the cold, you should compensate for temperature when you’re charging.

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How to Maintain a Motorcycle Battery

With proper battery maintenance, your motorcycle battery should last 3-5 years. What are some of the things you can do to help maintain a full life for you battery?

The first thing you should do is get the fluid refilled every once in a while. Most bike batteries are easily accessible, usually located under you seat, or on the side of your bike. Each cell of the battery will tell you where the maximum and minimum levels of fluid are.

You should also remove the battery from the bike when you’re not using it; so during the winter and cold months, remove the battery. Be sure to store the battery out of the cold and into a warm place.

Be sure to charge the battery while it is in storage; even when it is in storage, the battery is discharging. The way to help maintain a longer battery life is to periodically charge it while in storage.

We hope these tips help your motorcycle’s battery live a full life! If your battery is dead, maybe it lasted the full five years, or maybe you didn’t you didn’t maintain it as well as you should, whatever the case, Batteries Unlimited has a full selection of Motorcycle Batteries!

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How to Maintain your Power Wheelchair’s Battery

The short answer to this question is to simply charge your battery overnight, using the manufacturer’s charger; you should do this every two weeks. Don’t do this more than every two weeks, and don’t leave it charged longer than about eight hours; if you leave it longer you will damage your battery.

We recommend using a low power maintenance charger; these chargers will help your battery last longer in storage, and they don’t damage your battery as much as high powered chargers. photo(9)

If you’re going away without your power chair, you should charge the battery overnight, before you leave, and then completely disconnect the battery from the chair. When you return, don’t forget to reconnect the battery and recharge them, if you’re gone for more than two weeks.

If you’re storing your chair long term, your battery will last longer if it’s kept in a cool place, rather than your warm home.

Just make sure you keep your chairs charged! ‘

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What are the Different Types of Boat Batteries

We know it’s winter, but you can never be too prepared for summer! If you need a new battery for your boat, now is the time to buy one! What many people don’t understand, is that there are a number of different boat batteries to choose from.

Here, we will help explain some of the different types of batteries; think of this as sort of a marine boat battery guide!

There are two types of basic batteries: cranking batteries, and deep-cycle batteries.

Cranking Batteries: Cranking batteries, also known as starting batteries, require a lot of power to get started. They are made with thinner, more numerous lead plates, which will help the batter replenish quicker when the engine is running.

Deep-Cycle Batteries: These marine batteries are used to power electrical accessories like fish finders, radios, and trolling motors. These batteries usually aren’t recharged until the end of the day. Deep-cycle batteries have fewer thicker lead plates than cranking batteries to help withstand deep discharges.

When you’re thinking about buying a boat battery, just know that you can’t substitute one for the other; if you started with a deep-cycle battery, you stick with it, and vice versa. For example, if you choose to go with a cranking battery for a trolling motor, sooner or later the battery will overheat and die, leaving you without power, and requiring you to buy a new battery!

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How Do I Know If I need A New Car Battery?

Well, the most obvious sign that indicates you need a new battery, is if your battery is dead and your car won’t start. If you’re having trouble starting your car, if it takes more than one attempt to get started, you might want to think about getting a new battery. Below, you will find different ways in testing your battery, to see if you do in fact need a new battery!

The most common way to test your car battery, is to use what is called an electronic tester, which is available in most automotive stores; a tech will hook up a tester to your car, and take a snap shot of your battery. This will help show your battery’s condition, and will indicate whether or not you need a new battery; this should be done every time you have an oil change.

The next step is to look at the battery; the battery itself will help give you a better idea of its condition. For example, think back at the last time you bought the battery, age is a huge contributor in the functionality of your battery. Next, take a look at your driving, for example, short trips and long periods of inactivity can drain out your battery’s life.

Take a look at the physical appearance of your battery; is there any stains, signs of corrosion, or any other buildup? If so there might have been a leak, indicating it’s time for a new battery.

This may sound a little strange, but smell your battery, if you are smelling something similar to rotten eggs or burning, you might want to think about a new battery!

Evaluating your battery every now and then can help save you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere!

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