Laptop Battery Guide

When you’re looking into purchasing a new battery for your laptop, here are some steps to follow to make the process quick and easy! Following these steps are important, because if you purchase the wrong batter, you can really harm your laptop.

Follow these tips below, and you’re well on you way to purchasing the right battery for your laptop:

  1. Know your laptop name and model. We are sure you know the name of your laptop, i.e. Dell, Sony, etc. but knowing the exact model number can help us find the battery you’re looking for.
  2. Write down the old battery’s model number. Sometimes you can’t find the laptop model number, if this is the case, check your old battery, often times than not, the battery itself will have a model number. This is probably the best and most accurate way to get the battery you’re looking for.
  3. As soon as you have either the battery model, laptop model, or both, give us a call and we will run the model numbers through our system.
  4. Double check your work. Once we find the battery based on the model number you gave to us, we will repeat the model back to you, just to be 100% sure we have the same model number.

Purchasing a new battery for your laptop will be quick and easy! If you’re having trouble finding both the laptop and battery models, bring the laptop to our store, and we will do our best to find the matching battery!

For more information please give Batteries Unlimited a call at 508-752-8777.


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