Where to Store your Boat’s Battery During the Winter

We are sad to report that summer is over, and it is officially the start of fall! Many people don’t know what to do with their boat’s battery during the winter.

Do we leave it in the storage garage, do we store it someplace warm, what about leaving it on auto charge?

All of these are great questions! Here at Batteries Unlimited, we suggest not leaving your battery with your boat, in the cold storage unit. People who leave their batteries in a cold storage unit, find themselves purchasing new batteries every spring, which is great of our business, but we want to do everything in our power to help our clients’ batteries last long!

If you do decide to leave it in a cold storage unit, we suggest leaving your battery on auto-recharge. That way your battery gets some action during the dead cold of winter, instead of just sitting their dead. If you have absolutely no place for your boat battery other than the storage unit, make sure to leave the battery on auto recharge!!

The best advice we have for boat owners is to take the battery out and store it in a warmer place; usually someplace in your home, like your basement will do the trick. You still should charge it every once in awhile so that it isn’t idle all winter!

Of course if your boat battery is already dead, there’s nothing you can do, but purchase a new one! We sell plenty of marine batteries, for great prices; our associates will help you find the right battery!

For more information on boat battery storage or on purchasing a new battery, please give Batteries Unlimited a call at 508-752-8777.


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